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Our massage services can be tailored to any event or sporting tournament. Our clientele includes; businesses, amateur and professional athletes, people with medical and mobility requirements, expectant mothers, children, couples massages.

We are also pleased to announce that our services have recently been extended offering direct billing via The Federal Blue Cross plans to Veterans and military personnel.

The therapeutic, relaxation and chair massages are available as a Corporate Service, if you would like further information about how Synergy in Motion can benefit your company on a regular basis and the advantages of being elected your company’s Corporate Massage Coordinator please review our promotions page.

Are you aware that most company’s benefit policies allow you to claim $500 of massage therapy per annum?


Therapeutic massage

At Synergy in Motion we regard this therapy as a goal-orientated massage and with benefits of therapeutic massage embedded in over 4000 years of history, it is hard to ignore the facts. Our therapeutic massage is a deep tissue massage with a Swedish flare.

Therapeutic massage is known to relieve the following:

Muscle aches and pains
Sleep problems
Immune system function
Sports conditions

You will feel the immediate effects after your session; however we recommend 6 to 12 sessions to fully benefit specific problematic areas.

A one hour massage is $95.00

A half hour massage is $50.00

Discounts are available for booking multiple sessions, please see our promotions page.

Relaxation Massage

The relaxation massage is strictly for the purpose of rest and relaxation. This is as full body and indulgent massage; where light to medium pressure is applied, improving circulation, assisting knotted muscles, aiding sleep and reducing build up of toxins.

A one hour massage is $95.00

A half hour massage is $50.00


Chair Massage

Chair massage is a wonderful massage for your overworked, tired muscles. This alternative technique is greatly suited for offices with limited space and sporting tournaments. The massage routines are usually quick and inexpensive; an ideal crowd pleaser for your next marketing event or even on the golf course when impressing clients. These quick massages will make you feel invigorated in minutes, improving your relaxation and boosting productivity. The quick set up and retention of modesty makes this massage the right choice for public settings.

Chair massages can vary at 10-15 minute per individual, or 2-3 minutes per individual dependant on requirements.

Priced at $120.00 an hour
3 hour minimum
$75.00 for Strathmore one-hour appointments

Please contact us via out booking page for further pricing options.


~ New ~ Spectacular Events

Have you considering inviting us along to your next Baby Shower, Stagette Weekend or Just an afternoon with the gals?

Spectacular Events has been devised with any occasion in mind, to make sure that your special day goes according to plan. We will literally ease the stress out of the day by providing a 30 minutes massage for each guest (minimum of 2 hours) with your choice of a hot stone, Swedish or relaxation massage. We can complete the package with anything you require for the event, catering, decoration, additional pampering, you name it we will make it happen. 

Please enquire through our booking form for pricing.

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